Militaria Dealers:


The best online webshop specialized in high quality German equipment and camouflage items. Also the best headgear, uniforms and actually too much to name here. One of the leading webshops in militaria, you can buy with absolute confidence here!

Dutch Militaria

Gaston has been collecting medals, awards and tinnies for ages. He is your Go-To guy if you are looking for interesting awards or medals of all nationalities. Next to being a great dealer he’s a really nice guy and organizes the militaria fair in Houten which is a must see fair in the Netherlands. Please take a look on his website!


My friend Jeroen runs a nice website specializing specialising in insignia, headgear and paperwork from all fighting nations during the second world war. I warmly recommend any collector to take a look at his website!

Recommended Museums:

Reenactment groups:

3. Kompanie Panzergrenadier regiment 60 ” Der Windhund “
This is the primary group I reenact with. The guys in this unit, past and present, are close friends of mine and I’ve travelled all over Europe together with them. We focus on a accurate impression right into the details and enjoy tactical and full immersion events most.